Some Predictions for FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023

FOOTBALL - FIFA Women's World Cup 2023
Date : July to August 2023
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Football being the most famous game of the world and when it is world cup, it gets more so exciting. So it becomes the most awaited tournament for this year where women’s international football teams from the participating nations will head to the hosting countries Australia and New Zealand.

The matches will be amongst 32 teams for the first time in history, adding a whole set of new excitement for the watchers since this will spice up the excitement. New challenges and records along with mistakes are bound to happen with new people entering the game.

The History of Games : 

History suggests that the nations that have a record of winning are more like to clinch the cup given their confidence and expertise. Of the previous FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments, 4 participating nations have won this tournament. That United States has won four times, also the current champion after winning on 2019 FIFA World Cupan other side Germany has won two titles, and Japan and Norway with one title.

Winners for 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Nobody can tell this at this point to time and it is impossible to predict the future, but with the team’s performance and past history, it is somewhat easy to say which one is the best performer in the tournament and has the highest probability of winning the World Cup.

All the participating teams 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup are extremely good, it is wrong to target any team to say strong or weak, but few teams have a very strong history as they have won the maximum number of matches or tournaments. United States, Germany, Japan and Norway is one of them.

The only prediction that one can make will during the live watching of womens world cup 2023 from my location as per the matches schedule looking at the form and confidence and marching of the teams forward.

But whosoever wins will be champion and winners. Let’s wait for the historic moment.