Ukraine Team withdraws from Beach Soccer World Cup

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup News
Beach Soccer World Cup News
FOOTBALL - FIFA Women's World Cup 2023
Date : July to August 2023
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The Ukrainian Association of Football has informed Fifa that their team of beach soccer will not be participating in the European qualifier for beach soccer world cup in Moscow. There is no clarity on the matter why did the association withdrew but the ongoing tension between Russia owing to the annexation of Crimea may have lead to such a decision.

Earlier also, Ukraine’s Govt in march had not allowed its athletes for playing in any events in Russia making a mark for their protest.

Geopolitical tensions have been long between the two countries and this may have led the Ukraine’s govt to resort to such a step even though the players may suffer and overall the sport may suffer. Also, not receiving proper funding because of the reason may also be a worrysome matter for the team.

The team was marked in the group D of the overall groups setup and the other counterparts it had were Spain, Azerbaijan & Latvia.

Thus the elimination of Ukraines calls for a new Schedule of FiFa Beach Soccer WC 2019 and FIFA may soon declare any changes that it may have to do because of this.

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