Tahiti beat Solomon islands in National Cup & qualify in FIFA Beach Soccer WC for fifth time

Fifa Beach Soccer WC Paraguay 2019
Tahiti Beach Soccer
FOOTBALL - FIFA Women's World Cup 2023
Date : July to August 2023
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Tahiti has been a two time World Cup runners up and one of the favourite teams to qualify for beach soccer world cup. However, the the tough fight that Solomon islands gave, it was not a easy win for Tahiti and qualify for the WC. Let’s have a look at the sequence of the game.

Solomon islands scored 1-0 lead and put Tahiti under pressure. Tahiti did a wonder by scoring 2 goals in a minute and took a lead by 2-1. They then continued their lead in the third period and at the end, there was a tense situation but the Tiki Toa managed to win by 4-3 beating Solomon islands and qualify for the World cup to be held in Paraguay.

Tahiti, other than Solomon islands has also been successful in defeating Vanuatu, Tonga & New Caledonia in group stages in OFC Beach Soccer Nations Cup where the winner will represent the team at Paraguay 2019.

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Paraguay 2019 Live streaming will start from 21st Nov in Paraguay and will feature some new records and interesting stories this seasons.

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