How to watch the FIFA World Cup live without cable?

FOOTBALL - FIFA Women's World Cup 2023
Date : July to August 2023
Watch Free - ESPN+, Fubo TV, Zattoo, ITV, DAZN
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Football is not a sport. It’s a religion, it worships its teams, and football is a global pandemic in a positive sense. So we know that the Qatar World Cup is on the horizon, and we know it as FIFA World Cup 2022.

This is the part that everyone knows; however, people still don’t know how to watch it for a smooth experience. Well, that’s why we’re here; this article will focus on ways to watch FIFA World Cup live without cable.

Here are some ways to cut the cables to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 matches live

We know football is a global phenomenon and many fans are quite mobile and travel, whether inside or outside the country. Also, since the games will be held in Qatar, there is always the issue of time zone adjustments. Well, to counter all that, here are the best options that one can use to watch theĀ  Fifa World Cup without cable.

For those living in the UK

If you live in the UK, it is essential to know that the BBC and ITV collectively own the broadcasting rights for the country. So it’s best to use a Livestream app connected to these two providers to go the cable-cutter route. Just check with your service provider and you should be good.

For those who live in China

If you live in China, it’s a bit difficult to go the cord-cutting route due to the country’s internet censorship laws. CCTV is therefore the official option. However, it is unclear whether they provide a cord cutter. However, that being said, the option of using a good quality VPN is the way to go. Just buy a subscription, then change your IP address to the US or any other country, buy the Livestream service from there and watch the game’s live stream. Easy.

For those living in Greece

If you live in Greece, ANT-1 or Antenna 1 is the official option you can use. Please check their digital service. You will do well. However, if there is no cord cutter option in sight, use a VPN to resolve it. With the help of a VPN, you can still connect to services from other countries and watch matches.

How Does VPN Help?

Most sports broadcasts are geo-restricted; a VPN changes your IP address so you can access content. The services are cheap and good, explore the internet for more in addition to fifa Cup broadcasting rights