FIFA World Cup 2022 prize money

FOOTBALL - FIFA Women's World Cup 2023
Date : July to August 2023
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This year’s FIFA World Cup 2022 will be different from all other World Cups. It will take place in Qatar during the winter days and with suitable temperatures. As you know, the prize increases every year from the previous one, as sponsors pay more, and the sponsor prize will also be much more. Undoubtedly the 2n.d The edition of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be the biggest sporting event in the world as nations from all continents fight for the chance to participate in this quadrennial event to win the ultimate prize.

The World Cup in football starts on 21 Novemberth until 18 Decemberth and will host 8 stadiums in 5 different cities; all stadiums were built specifically for the tournament. It’s the first time such finals have been held in the Middle East and guess what the prize is? Unlike the previous World Cups, this year FIFA has announced a total prize money fund of around $1 billion and this is considered a massive increase of around 29% than FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 which was awarded around $400 million.

32 teams 5 to 6 confederations will participate in the competition to find the winner of the 2n.d World Championship. The teams in the tournament are the highest than any previous World Cups. The $1 billion prize, of which $440 million will be distributed by FIFA to the qualified 32 teams depending on how they finish in the World Cup. The rest of the amount, which is $660 million, will be given to the confederations that failed to qualify for the World Cup as a kind of solidarity payments.

$1 billion prize money distribution system for FIFA’s World Cup 2022:

The $1 billion prize money fund will be divided into 4 payment segments listed as follows:

  • WC 2022 prize money ($440 million)
  • Insurance fee and club protection ($220 million)
  • Club Benefit Program ($310 million)
  • Preparation payments ($70 million)

It is worth mentioning that FIFA signs 4-year deals with several events for their TV and sponsorship broadcasts to make the prize money fund. In addition, FIFA subscribes to major TVs and live streaming for all major competitions. This increases their income for the prize money.

How is the prize distributed among teams?

The prize money is distributed by referring to two main payment structures.

  • Security Fee: It is a guaranteed entry fee paid to each qualifying nation.
  • Performance-based payments: The higher the team finishes during the 2022 World Cup, the more prizes the team will receive.

List of prize money for Qatar 2022 World Cup

Round Prize money
Champions (winner) 45 million dollars
Runner Up 32 million dollars
3rd place 26 million dollars
4th place 22 million dollars
Quarterfinals losing team $16 million (for each team)
16th round $12 million (for each team)
In the group stage 8 million dollars
Entry fee (for all 32 qualified teams) 2.5 million dollars
Insurance fee for players 134 million dollars
Payments to parent clubs on a player-by-player basis 209 million dollars

As shown in the above prize money statistics, the eventual winners of the World Cup will receive up to $47.5 million, with the champion team receiving $35 million last time. Other eliminated teams would receive a guaranteed $10.5 million.

According to the news, the upcoming World Cup prize money may increase by 22% than last time, so the prize would reach around $700 million. Still, there are many prize details that are yet to be revealed, such as payment to parent clubs on a player-by-player basis, insurance fee, rewards, etc. However, if one considers the increase in the amount at the same rates, then one can of course assure that it would be heavier.

Who is sponsoring FIFA World Cup 2022 prize money?

FIFA has several levels of sponsorship such as Regional Sponsors, FIFA Partners and FIFA World Cup Sponsors. FIFA expects to increase the total revenue for the sponsorship by separating the men’s division from the esports and women’s division.

Regional sponsors

  1. Nubank [Financial Services] South America
  2. QNB Group [Financial Services] | Africa and the Middle East
  3. Of course [Telecommunications] | South America
  4. GWC [Supply Chain Solutions] | Africa and the Middle East
  5. UPL OpenAg [Agrochemical] | South America
  6. Frito-Lay [Snack Food] | North and Central America
  7. Ooredoo [Telecommunications] | Africa and the Middle East
  8. The Look Company [Visual Engagement Solutions] | North and Central America
  9. Algorand [Blockchain] | North America and Europe

FIFA partners

  1. Visa | Financial services
  2. Adidas | Sportswear
  3. Qatar Energy | Oil and gas
  4. Coca Cola | Drink
  5. Qatar Airways | Airline
  6. Wanda Group | conglomerate
  7. Kia/Hyundai Motors | Automotive

FIFA World Cup sponsors

  1. Vivo | Consumer electronics
  2. Budweiser | Alcoholic drink
  3. Budweiser | Alcoholic drink
  4. Mengniu Dairy | Dairy products
  5. | Cryptocurrency platform
  6. McDonald’s | Restaurants and real estate
  7. Hisense | Electronics and household appliances