FIFA World Cup 2022 Official Ball Al Rihla

FOOTBALL - FIFA Women's World Cup 2023
Date : July to August 2023
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Qatar is gearing up for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022. As this country is small in size, yet it has arranged everything to make the World Cup something special compared to the previous World Cups. The best thing is that FIFA especially shows its interest in making this event historic because this is the first World Cup of football in a Middle Eastern country. This is why it is always a big thing for the referees to make these matches and the event as interesting as they could be. As a result, this event has several new features. From specialized stadiums to specialized balls, everything gets attraction from the different parts of the world. Billions of football fans worldwide eagerly wait to enjoy their favorite football matches and watch their favorite sports stars play the game.

Recently, FIFA World Cup 2022 partner Adidas unveiled the official football specifically for the upcoming event. “Al Rihla” is the official name of this football and because of its unique features, people are showing their interest to know more about this.

Al Rihla – The official name of FIFA World Cup 2022 Football

The ball, named Al Rihla, is the official match ball for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. According to officials, this is the 14th consecutive ball to be created by sports accessories manufacturer Adidas. According to the design team, the football travels faster than any other football in the world and supports the fastest game speeds. People will get excited and energized about these matches as they all have these special features. The special features of these matches will ensure that people get excited and wait in anticipation for these matches to be enjoyable.

In the current version of the game, Franziska Loeffelmann, design director, says that the speed has increased significantly, and during this speed increase, accuracy and flight timing become increasingly important. The latest design helps the ball maintain its top speed significantly higher as it travels through the air. When it comes to mega events like the FIFA World Cup, we try to make the impossible possible with innovation. This is our inside story on making the fastest football yet.

The design of this football is all about providing a longer flight and the highest speed while maintaining accuracy. Since it has to design according to these parameters, several rigorous tests have been carried out in Adidas’ laboratory. The football must go through wind tunnel testing, on-pitching and a digital simulation process to make this happen. According to the veterans, Al Rihla offers the highest level of accuracy along with reliability on the court while playing, thanks to the new panel shape and surface texture. These are basic things that make this football special and much more reliable compared to the footballs of the past.

Basic features of Al Rihla

  1. CTR core

CTR-Core is an innovative core within the ball that mainly works to increase accuracy and consistency, keeping the ball faster and more accurate while playing. It helps with maximum mold air retention.

  1. Speed ​​Shell

The ball’s polyurethane skin has micro along with macro textures along with 20 pieces of panel shape. This improves the ball’s aerodynamics, accuracy and flight stability.

Environmentally friendly football

According to the design team, Al Rihla is designed with an eye on the environment. No materials are used that could pose a threat to the environment. All the components are selected very carefully and this is the first World Cup football to be made with water-based glue and ink. Due to this unique feature, this football is considered one of the most interesting and environmentally friendly sporting goods.

The superbly bold along with vivid colors and graphics set against a pearly background that reflects the increasing speed of the game. The speed mainly reveals the texture of the color that can excite players and fans at the same time. According to the designers, the look of this ball will be accepted by all players from grassroots to elite level.

Al Rihla means “The Journey”

Al Rihla is an Arabic word meaning “The Journey”. Inspired by Qatar’s architecture, iconic boats and flag, it has a modern look. According to Adidas officials, the launch of Al Rihla will take place in 10 cities around the world. Adidas specifically planned a series of events in these cities to raise awareness and at the same time access and equate the sport among the local population of these planning cities.

Al Rihla’s journey

The Al Rihla journey begins in Qatar. The unveiling will take place with the involvement of great players Casillas and Kaka, as well as Farah Jefry and Nouf Al Anzi. They will hit the pitch alongside aspiring footballers from various Middle Eastern countries such as Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The young and aspiring football players will participate in the inauguration ceremony of this latest football.

Al Rihla will debut on a specialized pitch created for this special event before being transported and donated to Challenge FC, who are known as the first ever women’s football league champions in Saudi Arabia.

It is possible that Al Rihla will travel to different places around the world to spread the knowledge of the new generation of football for the FIFA World Cup 2022. The pre-planned events that can popularize this football in the local communities will handle all these touching points perfectly.

According to many football fans, this ball will make the event more spectacular and FIFA World Cup 2022 will be a memorable event for football fans.