Paraguay 2019 Beach Soccer World Cup Emblem & Stadium Details

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup News
Beach Soccer World Cup News
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Date : July to August 2023
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Fifa Beach Soccer World Cup 2019 is just a few weeks away and with the advent of the time, new announcements and discoveries keep on coming the way of its onlookers. Let us look at the following new things to know that come our way and we thought of sharing the same with you. Watch FiFa Beach Soccer WC Live.

First & New Beach Soccer World Class stadium built in Paraguay :

Paraguay is all set to host the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2019 for the first time and it had made necessary preparations for a wonderful experience for the spectators as well as for the organizers. It has built in a new Beach Soccer stadium with a capacity of 3000 seats located at the headquarters of Paraguayan Olympic committee.

The same is the interjection of Asuncion and nearby city of Luque. This is the first of its kinds of Beach soccer stadium with latest techniques and technological innovations in Paraguay that will attract the future competitions of Beach soccer as well.

Official Emblem Unveiled :

The Conmebol Convention Center in Paraguay, Asuncion unveiled the official emblem for Fifa Beach soccer world cup on 18th July featuring its specialities.

The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2019 emblem takes its inspiration from Ñandutí, the famous traditional embroidered lace of Paraguay. The name Ñandutí means “spider web” in Guaraní, the indigenous, official language of Paraguay, and the structure of the embroidery is said to resemble its interconnected namesake or the rays of the sun.

Ñandutí designs are reflected in the pattern of the ball at the top of the emblem. The sun that crowns the trophy is reimagined as a flower in another nod to Ñandutí patterns and a reflection of Paraguay’s rich vegetation.

The red figure highlights the spectacular football moves that are characteristic of Beach Soccer, while the blue and yellow of the stem are inspired by Guaraní decorative motifs. The Beach Soccer player rests on a sweep of sand.

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