2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Ticket Price

FOOTBALL - FIFA Women's World Cup 2023
Date : July to August 2023
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2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Ticket

Don’t wait any longer and be ready to fly, FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 tickets are not available for now. FIFA has not disclosed the ticket prices for 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The tickets for group matches can range from $105 to $210, while tickets for the final price range from $455 to $1,100.

Millions of people have dreamed of experiencing this iconic event, but the best hotel and stadium have limited space, but the facility is top notch.

All ticket packages will be available on a first-come, first-served basis from AUD/NZD$40 for adults and AUD/NZD$20 for children. Single pass pass to go on special after the draw, with costs from AUD/NZD$20 for adults and AUD/NZD$10 for children.

That 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup have 32 teams instead of 24 teams which means there will be more matches and fans will have the opportunity to watch from the stadium.

With FIFA expanding the event to 32 countries and moving it to the southern hemisphere for the first time, while Australia and New Zealand prepare to host, the 2023 Women’s World Cup is expected to be the biggest and most exciting ever.

The US women’s national team is out there hoping to become the first nation to win the competition three times in a row, so there is history to be made as well.

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When is the ticket available?

Many fans are too excited about the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup and want to get tickets as early as possible. But when will the tickets be available You can apply for the ticket on FIFA’s official site and also see the hospitality package below.

What is the price of FIFA World Cup 2023 ticket?

While we have to wait to see the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup ticket price, it is useful to see the 2018 FIFA World Cup ticket price.

From September 2022, the adult and child ticket packages will cost $40 in Australian/New Zealand dollars, which equates to £23 ($26/€27).

As shown in the table above in Australian/New Zealand dollars, there are three different price ranges for single tickets. Availability tickets will be available at the same price as Category 3 tickets.

As of September 2022, prices are converted to British pounds and US dollars in the table below.

Tickets are available in the following ticket categories:

  • Category 1
  • Category 2
  • Category 3

Now you can apply for tickets on FIFA’s official site are currently on request at the moment. The price can be of the ticket is an estimate for a group match that ranges from $105 to $210, and the ticket to finite intervals from $455 to $1,100. All tickets are sold in Qatari Riyal (QAR) to both Qatari residents and internationals.

Note: – Prediction of ticket according to the latest WC is given below.

How to buy the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup ticket?

FIFA has not published the ticket for 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup till now but we can say that the ticket will definitely be available from 5-6 before the World Cup. And FIFA fans can buy tickets from FIFA’s official site.